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Michelle works miracles! She is both talented and skilled at her craft. This past spring she help me with my two warmbloods. My 9 year old mare had been on circuit and turned out for three years after being bred. My 4 year old gelding had had only 45 days under saddle the year before. They had both become uncontrollably herd bound, pushy, rude and on the line of feral.

Michelle was patient, confident and effective while getting them started back. She was determined to win and revived their trust while she did it. She got them to be polite and obedient on the ground, which carried right over to starting back to work under saddle. Having her help me get them going made me feel safe in every step.


They are now successfully being ridden while obeying all the voice commands she had them master from the ground. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how safe and calm they are and how smooth them being back to work went!!! We couldn’t have done it without her and can’t recommend her enough for any horse or rider that needs confidence to progress both on the ground or in the saddle!!! I truly think her skill set would be a benefit to any level of horse or rider at any age! 

- Katie Hunter

       Park City, Utah

Michelle is magical!

I have been working with my friend's very large Mustang, who stopped listening to my guidance from the ground. Michelle worked with us, processed the situation with her knowledgeable, critical eye and gave me a handful of easy to understand cues. When I incorporated them consistently, the big fella became much safer to handle.

Most empowering for me is Michelle's ability to find and emphasize positive points of encouragement and action, despite how discouraged I felt.

Michelle has an indefatigable positive spirit and the unique ability to customize her vast knowledge to fit each situation!

I was the one who fiddled the keys into the doors to unlock his behavior, but Michelle gave me the keys! For that I am extremely grateful.

- Patricia Stokes

       Park City, Utah

Pele’s Groundwork Principles was a game changer for my confidence and relationship with my horse.


Michelle’s approach is assertive with kindness in which the horse and rider can fully trust.


She helped me create a symbiotic relationship with my horse that not only is seen on the ground but carried out while riding.


I, 10/10 recommend Michelle for any of your equine concerns.

- Tessa Mini     
                               Napa, California

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