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A Week of Success

1 Session per day  | 5 days

The Week of Success will be a five-day, one hour per day, starting foundation for your new relationship with your horse! The groundwork basics, for you and your horse, will be taught during this week will help you get started on the right step from the ground. Whether you are having a small sticky situation that you need to work through, or you would like have a better working relationship, this foundation will get you started on the right step from the ground. 


Pre-Ride Groundwork

2 Hour Session

A two hour bootcamp, to get you and your horse ready on the ground before your usual mounted ride. We will gather for two hours before your usual ride time to work on catching, groundwork, tying, grooming, tacking, and lunging skills to prepare your horse for the mounted part of your day. 


"You Train My Horse"

    6 Hour Minimum 

Getting started is the hardest part. Embracing these simple techniques can only create long term change once embraced by all members of the family. For those that do not want to lay the foundation themselves, we will come teach your horse the basic foundation without you present. At the end of the agreed upon time, the horse owner will learn the tools that their horse has already been taught. Whether you would like your horse to stand still to groom, lead well, or have nice blanketing skills... We willteach your horse to have excellent 

ground manners.  

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