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Pele, which means

”The Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanos + Fire”, 

was the name of my sorrel Mustang.

Please read more about our journey below.


2004 - 2008

Growing Up 

-  Napa, CA  -

My Mustang Pele was the start of my deep love for horses. She was my introduction to their ability to trust, empathize, and live in honesty. I didn’t grow up in a “horse family” but my parents allowed me to embark on my horse journey as I was entering high school. Pele was sold to us as a safe mount for children, although my parents and I had no clue. We were quickly on our way to growing the special bond between a family and their horse. 


My horsemanship education began while working with a horse local trainer who was focused on making Pele a safe mount for me and my Mom. We did a lot of lunging before riding, and much mounted time was spent in the round pen.


2008 - 2010

Feather River College

-  Quincy, CA  - 

 After graduation I left college with Pele in tow, to pursue Equine Studies at Feather River College. An Equine Studies degree is rare, and consists of learning about training young horses, equine anatomy, and reining. It was my greatest pleasure, and my fondest memory, to teach a colt new skills in the morning, to then teach those new skills to my Mustang Pele in the afternoon.


College is where my horsemanship skills really flourished, and my connection with my fiery mare began to be founded in consistent expectations, and less fear. Being surrounded by such knowledgeable professors and peers set Pele and me off on the perfect trajectory. We had our ups and downs (a Western Equitation 1 trail ride comes to mind), where we came out stronger on the other side. 


2010 - Present Day

National Ability Center

-  Park City, UT  - 

After completing my Associate of Science degree in Equine Studies, I moved to Park City, Utah to work at the National Ability Center (NAC). Pele made the long journey to Utah (big thank you for Sami & Cindy for the haul) where she continued to be my personal horse and companion while I learned how to be a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor. It was while working at the NAC that I witnessed the positive benefits horses have on the mind, body and spirits of all people, with all abilities. 

Pele passed away in 2011 but will never be forgotten. I will be forever grateful to my Mustang Pele for the relationship we had, the horsemanship skills she insisted I learn, and the life lessons she taught me. Pele always kept me on my toes, but ended up giving me much confidence in the saddle and on the ground. It is my honor to name this little company after my fiery mustang.

I currently still live in Park City, Utah with my little family, where I enjoy being a stay at home Mom, who spends the weekend working with clients horses. 

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