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Pele's Groundwork Principles

The Pursuit of Phenomenal Equine Ground Manners


Hi! I'm Michelle… I am here to provide you and your horse with quality horsemanship training on the ground.  My groundwork training will directly translate to your time spent in the saddle.


I specialize in customizing personal and intimate workshops to fit the individual needs of you and your equine companions. 

The privilege of sharing your life with your horse pivots around consistent expectations. My modern training system is loaded with fun techniques that will give you the tools to frame a strong relationship with your horse in order to build a happy life together.

"Michelle works miracles! She is both talented and skilled at her craft. This spring she helped me with my two warmbloods. They had both become uncontrollably herd bound, pushy, rude and on the line of feral. Having her help me get them going made me feel safe in every step. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how safe they are now! We couldn’t have done it without her and can’t recommend her enough for any horse or rider that needs the confidence to progress both on the ground or in the saddle!!! I truly think her skill set would be a benefit to any level of horse or rider at any age! "

Katie Hunter


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Park City, UT

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